Fully glass balustrade on an aluminum strip.

Starting from 250 USD

Rapdach entirely_glass_balustrade_on_ledger

Balcony. Start by choosing a shape.

Mounting. Appearance and safety.

Glass. Thickness and safety.

Handle. Mounted on the glass.

Strip. Finish in Elox Color standard.

Dimensions. Adjust the size perfectly to your requirements.




Type of glass. Customize the color to your requirements.

Railing Height. Safety and appearance.

Cross-section of the substrate. Describe what it consists of, how many layers it has, and its dimensions.

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Our experts take measurements on site to ensure the balustrade is perfectly tailored for you

Delivery throughout Europe

Each of our balustrades can be painted in the color of your dreams

The balustrade is made with stainless steel technology, making it perfectly suitable for outdoor use

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Every balustrade can receive a certificate and attestations

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